1. Don’t be late for your interview. Show up at least 5mins before start time.
  2. Remember it is a professional encounter and not a casual chat session.
  3. Listen and understand the question before answering. Do not make assumptions of what you think you heard. It is ok to ask for clarification or an example of what they want from you.
  4. Answer questions an example even if it is a “Yes or No” answer that is required
  5. Speak clearly and project confidence on your achievements and accomplishments related to the job you are interviewing for.
  6. Learn something about the company you are interview for.
  7. Prepare questions for the interviewer.
  8. Interviews are usually timed. So, block that time and turn off your cell phones. Do not have the phones out or look at them if you have them on your desk.
  9. Show enthusiasm and not desperation.
  10. Always ask about the next step in the interview process at the end of the interview.