About MTCI

Our Core Values

Certain core values underpin MTCI’s outlook to all services we provide, these values are central in any interaction with clients.

The core values driving our strategy include:

  • Build an Information Technology community that seeks to foster and drive the adoption of Technology by typically disenfranchised (Minority) population.
  • Tremendous Work Ethic and a performance driven culture are ingrained in our culture.
  • Integrity: MTCI team commits to driving the values, mission of the organization and most especially interaction with our clients with the utmost integrity.
  • Dependability: We thrive to make good on our promises to deliver.
  • Reliability: We strive to deliver high quality product and services in a reasonable timeframe.

Our Vision

Create a local and International IT training, staffing, and consulting company that offers opportunities to all persons especially the persons living in the lower economic classes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a top tier IT Staffing and Training company globally.

Why Our Clients
Work with Us?

MTCI team commits to driving the values, mission of the organization and most especially interaction with our clients with the utmost integrity.

Delivery Team

An expert autonomous team capable of rapidly and efficiently delivering technology solutions and value.

Extended Team

The extra talent needed to boost your projects. Top 1% Engineers fully integrated with your team.

3 Reasons to Choose MTCI

Each year hundreds of Software Engineers apply to work with us. We select only the Top 1% to build solid teams of highly experienced, bilingual engineers working on your same time zone.

  1. 91.2% Average Customer Satisfaction
  2. 70.3 Net Promoter Score (90th percentile)
  3. 174 active world-class clients

Why Candidates Choose Us?

Employee retention is key in our line of business, as a staffing and consulting company, what do we bring to the table to differentiate MTCI from similar companies? Our strategy is to have the wellbeing of our staff a priority, some of the most important reasons our staff retention rates surpass industry averages are:

  • Mentorship: MTCI has created a practice community where mentorship and support of junior Tech SME is of utmost importance.
  • The Professional progress and wellbeing of our employees is central to our strategy:
    • Staff Professional Development: We provide staff access to training to match their career growth goals
    • We provide top notch employee benefits including Healthcare, Dental, Vision.

We Work for the Best Companies in the World

We deliver exceptional technology solutions for world-class businesses in every industry, from dynamic startups and SMB to Fortune 500 companies.

  • 91.2% Average Customer Satisfaction
  • 70.3 Net Promoter Score (90th percentile)
  • 174 active world-class clients

MTCI Holds the Following Certification

Certification Type

Awarding Organization

Equal Opportunity Policy

It is the policy of MTCI not to discriminate against any applicant for employment, or any employee because of age, color, sex, disability, national origin, race, religion, or veteran status. MTCI will take affirmative action to ensure that the EEO Policy is implemented, with particular regard to: advertising, application procedures, compensation, demotion, employment, fringe benefits, job assignment, job classification, layoff, leave, promotion, recruitment, rehire, social activities, training, termination, transfer, upgrade, and working conditions.

MTCI will continue to make it understood by the employment entities with employment opportunity announcements that the foregoing is company policy and all employment decisions are based on individual merit only.

All current employees of MTCI are requested to encourage qualified disabled persons, minorities, special disabled veterans, and Vietnam Era veterans to apply for employment, on the job training or for union accommodations for qualified disabled individuals.

It is the policy of MTCI that all company activities, facilities, and job sites are nonsegregated. Separate or single-user toilet and changing facilities are provided to assure privacy.

MTCI seeks to ensure and maintain a working environment free of coercion, harassment, and intimidation at all job sites, and in all facilities at which employees are assigned to work.

Any violation of the policy should be immediately reported to your supervisor or the company EEO Officer.